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A set of thoughts
Jeff with Leif and Piano
  • Leif slept through most of the night most nights last week. Then was sick this week. We haven't got back to that space yet. I'd say "I have faith", but I think that's when god looks at the little Unitarian and chuckles to himself with an "aren't you cute".
  • Apparently I have thousands of photos that I hadn't uploaded. This is going to be more work than I thought.
  • What sucks is waking up at 4am not because Leif woke me up, but because I was hungry. Taking until 5 to figure this out. Until 5:30 to fall asleep, to have Leif wake me up at 6.
  • We get communauto tomorrow. I'm so excited! First trip: Ikea. And of all the exciting things I could want from there? I want kitchen knives. At 5, I put the margarine on the toast with the back of a fork.
  • I really hope I can get to the gym today.
  • In 4 minutes, I will wake Leif and Angie up and we'll start our day.
Showtime, synergy!


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