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Too close for comfort
Jeff with Leif and Piano
Earlier today I got to witness Concrete falling off a building. Luckily I was on the other side of the street. But still, 10-15 metres away is closer than I'd like to be to such things.

I was pushing Leif in his stroller on the way home from daycare, saw a blur out of the corner of my eye and a loud bang. I heard someone yell "Someone call 911", so I did. My initial guess was a window mounted airconditioner, but I couldn't see an obvious space where one would be missing. The only interesting things I had to say to the 911 lady were the address, a rough description of the damage done to the glass, the fact that it was a thing not a person (lack of blood), and what people were yelling, since I couldn't see through the cars and trucks on the road.

According to the news article, the first 911 call was placed at 17h59. My cell phone log says 17h58. Perhaps I was the first one.

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(Deleted comment)
That's so horrible. Can you imagine what her partner must be going through? Such a terrible tragedy :(

I can't, actually. Nothing in my life is that horrific.

OMG. Wow. The poor woman. I feel so bad for her husband. So traumatic :(

And I can't believe you were so close. Good thing you were at least across the street.

As shocking as it was, I didn't even know for certain someone had been injured until well after I got home. So a certain amount of it is distant, and it still shook me up a lot. I'm shocked that there was someone there with a camera taking pictures.

glad you were not hurt

Re: thats just crazy sad


Hey Jeff. Just heard that you were there when this happened. So thankful you are safe, but how frightening and unnerving and tragic. Thinking of you today, Janet

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