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Suggestion for renaming of Karmic Koala
Jeff with Leif and Piano
Dear Ubuntu Technical Committee,

Please consider the following proposal to both delay the 9.10 release slightly, and also to deviate the naming sequence slightly to use a previous letter that was skipped.

I propose that the next release of Ubuntu be 9.11, and be called "Bumbling Bush"

Sincerely Yours,
Jeff Bailey, Ubuntu Core Dev. 

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I'm pushing this idea internally. :)

There was Breezy Badger. And probably I didn't get the joke. ):

Funny... but let's not make this political. That would be disappointing. Debian already has plenty of internal political issues that leak over into Ubuntu-land; we don't need to borrow more trouble.

If we want to do something more meaningful -- and less spiteful -- with the name, how about "Twin Towers"? The memory of those lost is less divisive and doesn't stir crap that has already been flushed.

(I reposted this because I didn't mean this to be a response to "phil...")

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