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Language lessons
Jeff with Leif and Piano
Through a program at work, I just got access to Rosetta Stone.  I've been a bit worried that with a primarily English-speaking workplace and an English-speaking home that my French would stagnate.  It turns out that my account has access to all the languages, not just French.

So which other language should I learn?  For fun, I did the first lesson of Latin (got 81%) and Japanese (83%).

And now I'll have dreams of this voice going "Hoooah toe teh mah jusa".

Mmmm.  and now I want juice.


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stick with the Japanese. I might have to find me a copy just for the sake of brushing up on my Spanish. Wonder how well it runs in Wine... ;)

Wine's appdb claims that it runs well. The online site for version 2 appears to have been done in Shockwave, so I'd expect that would run. The version 3 online ones require a custom plugin that's windows-based, so I expect that would not work.

the problem is not knowing if I'll ever have a chance to *use* the Japanese. Montréal isn't exactly an Asian mecca. If I were in Vancouver, I might learn the Chinese. If I were still in California, I'd do the Spanish. But here in Montréal? There's pretty much English and French. I did French for 10 years in school and got the course to brush it up. Other languages risk falling over from disuse. The biggest thing that Japanese has going for it is that I have at least one friend who speaks it, and I could always watch Anime.

> So which other language should I learn?
en How about Esperanto? It's a lot easier to learn than other languages. Someone gifted in languages can learn it in a couple of weeks, whereas it takes years to study another language. The logical way of building words and the regular grammar also makes it fun to learn. And Lernu! is the best web site I've seen so far to study a language.

eo Kio pri Esperanto? Ege pli facilas lerni ol aliaj lingvoj. Iu talentplena pri lingvoj povas lerni ĝin en nur kelkaj semajnoj, dum oni bezonas jarojn por studi alian lingvon. La logika vortfarado kaj regula gramatiko ankaŭ igas ĝian lernadon amuza. Kaj Lernu! estas la plej bona retejo, kiun mi jam vidis por studi lingvon.

it Che ne pensi dell'esperanto? È molto più facile da imparare delle altre lingue. Chi ha talento per le lingue può impararlo in qualque settimana, mentre ci vogliono anni per studiare un'altra lingua. La logica e regolarità della grammatica ne fanno una lingua divertente da imparare. E Lernu! è il sito migliore che io conosca per studiare una lingua.

fr L'espéranto ? C'est beaucoup plus facile à apprendre que les autres langues. Quelqu'un doué en langues peut l'apprendre en quelques semaines seulement, alors qu'il faut des années pour apprendre une autre langue. La logique du vocabulaire et la régularité de la grammaire en font une langue amusante à apprendre. Et Lernu! est le meilleur site que j'ai rencontré pour apprendre une langue.

br Esperanteg. Aesoc'h eo deskiñ ar yetzh-se eget yetzh all. Ha mat-kaer eo Lernu!.

I really want to learn Portuguese. It just sounds so beautiful.

If you're learning pt_BR, remember that 'soy embarassada' doesn't mean what you might think it does.

Now you've got me confused. What does it mean? I would guess "I'm pregnant" based on Spanish. Are you saying that it is instead like English, "embarrassed"? I can't figure out which one it's a false cognate of.

Right, it means "I'm pregnant". But English speakers often will make a mistake and try to say that they're embarrased when learning Portuguese.

I got to watch a very interesting conversation ;)


Mais tu fais tes courses de français maintant. Pourquoi jaloux?

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