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Jeff with Leif and Piano
We just signed up for Compost Montreal! I've been looking for something like this. We moved from Toronto just as they were getting Green Box curb-side pickup in. As vegans, almost all of our garbage is compostable food scraps (the rest being primarily diapers).

scjody had told us about the composter he got, which makes mixing the compost quite easy - but it has a $40 delivery charge and requires us to do something. And that plan has one critical flaw: We haven't done it yet. Week by week, we continue to toss out garbage instead of doing something.


If you have a guide from (similar to those useless Entertainment Guides that band always makes you peddle in high school, but actually with things I want), it's 50% off the first month and the cost is $5/week. We just signed up for a year.

They apparently will also do corporate pickup downtown, so I'm going to try and pitch my work on signing up for it. Google Mountain View is starting to handle compost now, so hopefully other offices have budgets for it as well.


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