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Overheard in our bathroom...
Jeff with Leif and Piano
Leif's in the bath, Angie just took away the foam animals that Leif decided to eat.

Animals, animals.
You want the animals?
Are you going to eat the animals?
.. eat the animals.

Hmm.. I expected rebellion against veganism at 15. This seems a bit soon... ;)

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And to think, that was for foam. Wait until he tastes bacon! ;)


Bwahaha, that's what I was going to say. Oh man, now I want bacon.

What does bacon taste like? I'm told "not as good as tempeh bacon because bacon has that gross aftertaste," but that's all I got.

uhm. it tastes like ass?

(okay, maybe that was going too far, but I have to click 'Post Comment' anyway)

There is no gross aftertaste to bacon.

Good bacon, properly prepared is savory and smoky and a little salty but with a distinct crunch to the protein part and a little chew to the fatty part. There is no vegan substitute that can really replicate both the flavor and texture of bacon.

This is, of course, why so many vegetarians who have tasted bacon before crave it, and not, say, other things whose flavor can be more readily duplicated. Just like you can't make a ripe peach out of animal parts, you can't make bacon from wheat protein. There are many people who, faced with this, would just rather never taste bacon. I can understand that entirely.


Ha! That's a great description. After I stopped eating animals and fish, I still ate bacon sandwiches for about a year. I still remember how yummy they were!

Then one day, they tasted like *meat*, instead of like smoky, crunchy yum, and that was it for bacon.

I guess if the taste of dead pig is gross to you, then bacon will be gross.

Smoky, crunchy yum. I like that, too.

Better than foam, anytime. :)


I've noticed that bacon seems to be one of those "OMG must have" things for a lot of people. A coworker of mine in California had a sign on his door "What Would Bacon Do?" It was never my thing, though.

I do look longingly at bree occasionally, though. =)

(what a weird thread...)

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