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Maybe Obama *is* the messiah...
Jeff with Leif and Piano
Apparently there are mobs of people with guns attending town halls to complain about health care in the US. I've often told people that they should ease up on Obama because he's not the messiah, but this is starting to sound quite familiar...

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If you want balanced view (in U.S. politics or anything else), your only option is really to take the story from the partisans on both sides and make your own decision---the mainstream media, especially in the U.S., is notorious for their bias these days, and it's the kind of bias that you can't see unless you know it's there (i.e. in what they choose to report).

I'd recommend that you get the stories from and (two largest right wing and left wing blogs that cover almost everything political) and make up your own mind.

And, as for "Messiah", well, if you are a Christian, the next one to get assassinated is actually the Antichrist---Jesus is not coming back a second time in a mortal form. I guess the Jewish messiah hasn't come yet, though.

I think the Jewish messiah came and went without anyone noticing.

He was the one to re-establish the state of Israel, so presumably it was Arthur Balfour, or the second Baron Rothschild, or one of their contemporaries. All long dead.

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