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LED lights
Jeff with Leif and Piano
Anyone know if the LED lights are any good yet? I'm tired of CFLs burning out in less than a year for the cost and am switching back to incandescents for now. Replacing these things yearly can't be resulting in a net improvement for the environment.

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The LED's I purchased for our display cabinets at work are working FABULOUSLY! and were totally worth the $15/bulb I spent on them.. over a year already.

I hear you on the crap CFL's - they're out there. Someone recommended to me that if you're going to buy one, get one of the more expensive ones - with the better name that you know - Sylvania, Phillips etc. because their quality standards are higher. Based on that premise the few I've had to purchase were Sylvania and about $3 more than the run of the mill ones on the shelf (and what seemed to be cheaper Sylvania's were also in that mix) and they've worked well so far. And recently - a few of the big stores have completely taken incandescents off the shelf all together.

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