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Too close for comfort

Earlier today I got to witness Concrete falling off a building. Luckily I was on the other side of the street. But still, 10-15 metres away is closer than I'd like to be to such things.

I was pushing Leif in his stroller on the way home from daycare, saw a blur out of the corner of my eye and a loud bang. I heard someone yell "Someone call 911", so I did. My initial guess was a window mounted airconditioner, but I couldn't see an obvious space where one would be missing. The only interesting things I had to say to the 911 lady were the address, a rough description of the damage done to the glass, the fact that it was a thing not a person (lack of blood), and what people were yelling, since I couldn't see through the cars and trucks on the road.

According to the news article, the first 911 call was placed at 17h59. My cell phone log says 17h58. Perhaps I was the first one.
Jeff with Leif and Piano

Taxes; Bixi

Finally filed our Quebec, Canada, California and US taxes today - two stops for local tax agencies and then the post office.

Another "How awesome is Montreal" moment: Biking downtown on a rental bike for which I pay ~$80CAD/year, going past cars that were stuck in traffic, past the jazz festival on a warm sunny day. Drop off the rental bike a stand, and walk the 2 or 3 blocks to the destination, pick it up to return.

Less than an hour of time to make up for work, all included.

Bixi takes a bit of getting used to since they don't have all the supply and demand quirks worked out, but I've been remarkably lucky with it.
Jeff with Leif and Piano


We just signed up for Compost Montreal! I've been looking for something like this. We moved from Toronto just as they were getting Green Box curb-side pickup in. As vegans, almost all of our garbage is compostable food scraps (the rest being primarily diapers).

scjody had told us about the composter he got, which makes mixing the compost quite easy - but it has a $40 delivery charge and requires us to do something. And that plan has one critical flaw: We haven't done it yet. Week by week, we continue to toss out garbage instead of doing something.


If you have a guide from (similar to those useless Entertainment Guides that band always makes you peddle in high school, but actually with things I want), it's 50% off the first month and the cost is $5/week. We just signed up for a year.

They apparently will also do corporate pickup downtown, so I'm going to try and pitch my work on signing up for it. Google Mountain View is starting to handle compost now, so hopefully other offices have budgets for it as well.
Jeff with Leif and Piano

Recent Roll-Up

We're all doing well. Life's just insanely busy. Will try to post more than 140 character snippets to Facebook more often. =)

Random things from today...

In the playground...

Leif exploring a rope bridge:

From Public Leif Photos

Leif having less fear than auzure_skies would like:

From Public Leif Photos

In the news...

Overall, 37 per cent of teens in the survey said they were sexually active, but some didn't know how to define "sex."

"Very surprising to us was that many kids were unsure about whether they had had sex or not," said one of the study's authors, Sarah Flicker, a professor of environmental studies at York University.

Go figure, most people I know can't come up with a definition of sex that isn't penis-meets-vagina intercourse - and those are people who've been to Opus, UU churches, taken OWL and all ought to know better.

My favourite definition is still from Cheers, when they were talking about "When is it sex?" Norm replies: "When the first breast appears."
Jeff with Leif and Piano

Stupid Locksmith

Our place has a fancy magical lock on the front door that has been sticking lately. We phoned the locksmith who put it in to discover that he apparently can't talk to us because we're not the registered owners of the lock.

Right - when we bought the place, we apparently don't automatically get the title to the locks on our front door. The former owners could phone at anytime and get into our place. If we were locked out in the middle of the night, he couldn't let us in.

Fuck that. Will replace the lock myself with a crowbar if I have to.
Jeff with Leif and Piano

Mother's day

I subscribe to the iRobot mailing list for new products, discounts, etc.  Today I got an email talking about great deals for mother's day.  In case of you out there think this is a good idea, let's state this clearly:

This is not a good idea.

Giving someone a gift that reminds them of housework is a fast path to tears.  Even if they're a geek.  Just say no.

Jeff with Leif and Piano

Language lessons

Through a program at work, I just got access to Rosetta Stone.  I've been a bit worried that with a primarily English-speaking workplace and an English-speaking home that my French would stagnate.  It turns out that my account has access to all the languages, not just French.

So which other language should I learn?  For fun, I did the first lesson of Latin (got 81%) and Japanese (83%).

And now I'll have dreams of this voice going "Hoooah toe teh mah jusa".

Mmmm.  and now I want juice.